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Strong By Design Podcast

Jun 17, 2020

Eating disorders and body dysmorphia plagued her for years.

A classically trained dancer, Maura Vega experimented with vegetarian, paleo, and IIFYM to maintain her beautiful curves.  But it wasn’t until she started following a ketogenic lifestyle that she was finally able to heal her body and repair her metabolism as well as her mind and her relationship with food.

Maura started Keto in June of 2016. After a 2-year battle with Postpartum Depression, following the birth of her youngest child she has been keto for almost 3 years now.  Not only have her symptoms of depression been drastically reduced, but her anxiety also.

Holistic Health Practitioner and host Tonya Fines sits down for this candid conversation with Fat Fueled Mom Maura Vega.


“I feel the best I’ve ever felt and it continues to get better. Seeing how impactful this lifestyle can be on our bodies, I decided to help transition my children to this healthy way of life in hopes that it would relieve them of some of the ailments they had.”  -Maura Vega


Time Stamps

0:25 – Welcoming our special guest

2:15 – Get to know Maura Vega of ‘Fat Fueled Family’

5:31 – Maura Vega shares their family’s journey with keto lifestyle

10:33 – Is the keto lifestyle difficult to stay on?

12:13 – Diet vs. lifestyle change: What’s the difference?

17:21 – How to incorporate intermittent fasting on a keto lifestyle?

23:59 – Maura Vega on how long it takes to notice results on the keto lifestyle

29:04 – Then vs. Now: Keto diet resources and recipes

32:41 – What is the typical family dinner for the Vega household?

36:10 – Connect with Maura Vega through her social media channels, ‘Fat Fueled Family’s’ official website and podcast

37:48 – What’s inside ‘Fat Fueled Family’s’ website?




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