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Strong By Design Podcast

Jun 6, 2020

Is the ‘American Dream’ the same for everyone?

I think most of us agree it’s not. And things need to change.

People of color in America today are hurting and the murder of George Floyd may have finally gotten people’s attention.

This special episode of the Strong By Design podcast features two men of God. Christian brothers. Kingdom minded black men that are willing to share their story to help white America see the world through their lens. It’s time to listen.

Thank you, David Mills and Brown Charite, for your honesty, passion, character and willingness to share.


"I see the pain and it just creates sadness. That's the overwhelming word that just pushes on me." -David Mills


Time Stamps

0:24 – Welcoming our special guests

1:29 – Get to know David Mills

3:00 – Brown Charite shares a little bit about himself

6:49 – David Mills and Brown Charite share thoughts on recent protests and racial tensions

18:16 – David Mills and Brown Charite talk about the other groups of protesters with malicious intent

20:57 – The long history of police brutality against black people

25:10 – The role of the president in achieving equality and justice for Americans of all colors

28:41 – Brown Charite shares personal experience with racism

36:52 – David Mills recounts son’s own experience with racial discrimination

40:25 – What is the Christian response to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement?

45:43 – What is systemic racism?

1:00:11 – Who do we belong to?

1:06:30 – Religion vs. relationship with God

1:13:55 – The significance of ‘2 Chronicles 7:14’ in today’s world

1:16:42 – The role of the church in overcoming systemic racism and injustice

1:18:40 – Closing prayer




The Holy Bible


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