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Strong By Design Podcast

Jun 3, 2020

Do you know the largest muscle in the body? How about the strongest muscle?

These questions and many more in the areas of exercise and nutrition will be answered in this special Fitness Jeopardy Team edition.  Plus, as a surprise, a splash of 80’s music trivia for a fun twist.

Get to know the men and women of Critical Bench in this lighter side of Strong by Design and have some much-needed laughs!


"I think there was some interference, it was rigged." -Mike Westerdal


Time Stamps

0:25 – Welcoming today’s guest on ‘Strong By Design’ podcast

2:07 – Instructions for playing ‘Fitness Jeopardy’

6:10 – What is an exercise that begins in a pushup position followed by a leap in the air?

7:14 – What is the chemical your body produces during/after exercises that makes you happy?

9:18 – What is the main source of energy?

10:10 – Identify the muscle located on the upper arm that functions to rotate the forearm and flex the elbow

12:10 – What is the largest muscle in the upper body?  

13:44 – What is the diet that denies the body of food for a long period of time?

14:18 – Name the strongest muscle in the body due to its ability to exert the most pressure

15:22 – What is the name of a muscle that pulls in a single direction with the most amount of force?

17:41 – What is a popular drink that contains only 1-2 calories?

18:10 – Identify the movement done by moving from standing position to a seated position and then back to standing

18:34 – What is the name of the exercise that deliver blood and oxygen from the heart and lungs to the working muscles?

19:47 – What is the scientific term for an exercise that involves quick bursts of energy?

20:17 – What is an exercise performed from a plank position, drawing one knee up toward the chest then returning it to place, while repeating the movement with your other leg?

21:05 – What is the scientific name of an exercise that increases your heart rate?

22:30 – Identify the exercise that begins in a plank position, then lowering your body to the floor and back up to high plank

23:03 – It refers to the ability of a muscle to continue to perform without fatigue

23:30 – What is the most concentrated form of energy?

24:04 – What is the largest muscle in the human body?

24:38 – What kind of vitamin comes from the sun?

25:42 – Announcement of winner



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