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Strong By Design Podcast

May 20, 2020

In business, you either focus on what matters most to achieve higher levels of success or spend your time on the small stuff, never really leveling up.

So how are you prioritizing your day?

When it comes to the MOST important thing in your business or in life, you must attack it early with your best energy, effort and focus.

This episode of SBD, Chris Wilson speaks with friend, mentor and boss, Mike Westerdal to uncover ‘The One Thing’ he did in his business that changed everything.


"I only had 3 or 4 hours a day so I focused on the big things that move the needle." -Mike Westerdal


Time Stamps

0:24 – What is the ‘Big Rocks’ story?

4:45 – Busy vs. Productivity: Why being busy is not always productive

10:43 – The importance of structuring your day for maximum productivity

14:30 – How team huddles can make a business better

19:56 – The power of scheduling the ‘Big Rocks’

24:20 – Finding freedom in structure

27:10 – Why you should remove the emotion from decision-making

31:10 – What are your ‘Big Rocks’?

33:49 – Get in touch with Critical Bench’s founder, Mike Westerdal





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