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Strong By Design Podcast

May 13, 2020

If you’re hurting, not sure what to do or how to handle this terribly difficult time in your life, please tune in to hear how these men have faced their hardest days.

Saying goodbye to someone you love is painful.

No matter how much or how little you’ve experienced the loss of a family member or close friend, it’s never easy.

For brothers Bob and Chris Wilson, it’s something they’ve experienced a great deal of in their lives.

Co-host of the SBD show Chris Wilson sits down with his “big” brother Bob Wilson as they share heartfelt memories and raw emotions about the loss of family over a 30-year span. The most devastating being the loss of their brother David to brain cancer and more recently their Mother to stomach cancer.


"You remember the good times...Have discussions and celebrations and laugh and share stories...and keep their memory alive." -Bob Wilson


Time Stamps

0:25 – Get to know Bob Wilson

5:10 – Chris and Bob Wilson recount childhood memories

9:28 – The blessing of extended family

13:00 – Chris and Bob Wilson share how they cope with the loss of loved ones

21:04 – Why you should keep your loved one’s memory alive

23:00 – How the death of loved ones disrupt connection with relatives

35:55 – Birthday celebration turned into a celebration of life

41:32 – How Chris and Bob Wilson dealt with the news of their sibling’s tumor

53:07 – How their mother took care of Dave while dealing with her own health issues

1:01:22 – The importance of people’s love and support while one grieves over the death of a loved one

1:06:11 – Chris and Bob Wilson share what it’s like to grieve over father’s death

1:17:36 – How Chris and Bob Wilson handle their mother’s declining health

1:22:16 – How death of a loved one can bring you closer to God

1:24:09 – The power of leaning into Faith



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