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Strong By Design Podcast

Apr 29, 2020

Pioneers, Adversaries and now Friends…

Founder of CriticalBench, Mike Westerdal, and Founder of Total Fitness Bodybuilding, Lee Hayward, share their beginnings on the internet for over 2 decades!

The internet age has seen a lot of changes since the late 90’s (and that’s an understatement!) Mike and Lee have been along for the ride ever since, navigating through challenges, the many failures and of course the triumphs.

Early on they viewed themselves as direct competition and watched what the other was doing from a distance. But everything changed about 10 years ago when they had a major breakthrough and found out the REAL KEY to business growth and long term success!


"We did take that leap of faith, joining that group I think was the major turning point for me and this business." -Mike Westerdal

"I've never seen anybody succeed in a poor environment, I don't think it's possible, regardless of how motivated you are." -Lee Hayward


Time Stamps

0:25 – Meet Total Fitness Bodybuilding’s Lee Hayward

3:59 – Lee Hayward recounts early days of ‘Total Fitness Bodybuilding’

10:05 – The power of perseverance and grit

13:03 – Why having a coach/mentor is vital to your success

17:24 – Lee Hayward reveals how Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired him to get fit

21:46 – How to burn fat and build muscle at the same time

27:00 – Importance of healthy eating habits

31:16 – Why movement is essential for good health

38:26 – Lee Hayward on his YouTube’s ‘Next Trainer Program’ experience

41:47 – Understanding the business life cycle

48:10 – The value of learning from others

56:26 – The power of humility

59:45 – The importance of having a relationship with God

1:09:20 – What it means to surrender to God

1:14:53 – Why it’s healthy to cut people out of your life

1:24:45 – Get in touch with Lee Hayward


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