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Strong By Design Podcast

Apr 22, 2020

After completing her undergraduate studies summa cum laude in Biotechnology at Ferris State University, Dr. Fortin spent a year working in neurosurgery research at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and became a published researcher. 

She developed a strong foundation regarding the most intricate processes of the human body at the cellular level and went on to earn her medical degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit.

Providing relief from pain and treatment for chronic conditions requires an advanced regenerative approach to medicine. Patients in Petoskey, Michigan, trust regenerative medicine specialist Lisa Fortin, MD, of ReYouvenate for the treatment of a variety of health conditions. Her practice proudly serves patients near Petoskey, Harbor Springs, and Bay Harbor, Michigan.

What is Regenerative Medicine?  Is this where medicine is going?  Who can it benefit and why or should we even, be paying more attention to what this type of medicine can do?

Coach Tonya had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Dr. Fortin who runs the ReYouventate Clinic in Petosky, Michigan to talk more about regenerative medicine and what kind of impact this type of therapy can have on healing and disease prevention.


"On average your whole body is almost renewed in six to seven years." -Dr Lisa Fortin


Time Stamps

1:11 – Get to know Dr. Lisa Fortin

6:22 – The power of regenerative medicine

12:27 – Who can benefit from regenerative medicine most?

17:11 – How Dr. Lisa Fortin’s brain fog experience led her to regenerative medicine

19:18 – The role of food allergy in chronic health issues

23:02 – Supporting your body's natural ability to heal itself

25:54 – Where you can go to learn more about Dr. Lisa Fortin’s regenerative medicine: official website and social media channels

26:48 – Where to get tested for food allergy?

27:52 – Understanding inflammation: What it is, causes and ways to reduce it

33:22 – The importance of taking care of yourself first

35:15 – The relationship between stem cells, cellular healing and regenerative medicine

38:58 – How nutrition is key in preventing chronic diseases

47:50 – The potential of regenerative medicine

49:59 – Key takeaways for optimal health





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