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Strong By Design Podcast

Apr 15, 2020

We are advancing leaps and bounds technologically and finding ways to do “more” with less time, but are we compromising our well-being?

Have we lost a sense of what nourishes our body and mind and truly makes us feel good?

What do we really need to live well, be healthy and enjoy quality of life? 

It's time to take a step back, unplug and ask how we can maximize our health and quality of living without having to spend a fortune or sacrifice what we enjoy.

A newly adopted lifestyle that many call 'Primal' simply means reconnecting with the earth, focusing on what it provides, and tapping in on certain 'primal' elements for optimal living.

On today's very special episode, host Brian Klepacki sat down with Blake Bowman of Guerrillazen Fitness & Holistic Nutritionist Bryan Hardy and all things primal were discussed. From what to eat and drink when we wake up to how we approach exercise and our sleep.

Listen in to this educational and eye-opening conversation and start learning how you can become a healthier, happier person by starting some simple primal living techniques today.


"I'm 21 years old and I feel like an 80-year-old man. I basically started to take control into my own hands and figure out how to fix myself." -Blake Bowman


Time Stamps

2:13 – Get to know Blake Bowman of Guerrillazen Fitness & Holistic Nutritionist Bryan Hardy

6:10 – How Bryan Hardy got into holistic lifestyle

7:51 – Blake Bowman shares how his joint injuries lead him to become a corrective exercise specialist

12:05 – The difference between Reductionist and Holistic

17:25 – The importance of water to human health

24:01 – Why walking barefoot will change your life

29:27 – Signs of low testosterone and ways to boost it naturally

35:40 – Ways to balance your female hormones

38:05 – Why chemicals in beauty products may affect women’s hormones

44:02 – The importance of sleep and how it affects your health

47:03 – How you can sleep better if you work the night shift

50:50 – Key takeaways to live a primal life

55:09 – Get in touch with Blake Bowman and Bryan Hardy




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