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Strong By Design Podcast

Apr 8, 2020

No matter where we turn or which way we look, it seems chaos is right there looking straight as us. But hope is here and peace can be found in the midst of it all.

We are in a peculiar time right now and we all are in desperate need of community, confidence and a cure.

Finding and knowing peace in a middle of a crisis is just one personal decision away. 

As we try to adjust to new and stronger restrictions due to the growing pandemic it's extremely important that we internalize what's going on and ask ourselves the tough questions we often avoid.

What is this all about? What's next? What if things get worse?

Tune in to today's episode as Strong By Design Co-host Brian Klepacki sits down with his neighbor and friend, Joe Walser, as they talk about a peace that surpasses all understanding. 

We encourage you to listen in on this life-changing episode as you will discover a peace that will crush any doubt or fear in an instant and it's here for you right now. 

"Where is God? The reality of death, it's always been there. Now that it's right in our face, we're having to ask these questions." -Joe Walser


Time Stamps

1:40 – Get to know Pastor Joe Walser

6:44 – Opening Prayer

7:54 – Where is God in this pandemic?

14:29 – The power of the Resurrection

17:03 – What is the message in suffering?

22:30 – The meaning and significance of Easter

28:17 – How to see God through your pain and suffering

36:53 – How contemplating death teaches us to live fully

39:40 – Simple ways to help others during the crisis

44:34 – What is the vaccine against death and how do you get it?

48:59 – Get in touch with Pastor Joe Walser


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