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Strong By Design Podcast

Apr 1, 2020

Matt Walter has lived a truly incredible life and he’s not done yet...

Over the past 30+ years he has served our country in the Marine Corps, raised 7 children with his amazing bride, become fluent in Arabic and lived in Jordan teaching Arabic to Christians to better connect with Muslims.

There’s really nothing more awe inspiring than hearing how the love of Jesus can affect and change the heart and mind of someone from the Muslim community.

Our guest today Matt Walter had such an encounter while living in the Middle East. And he’s devoted his life to reaching the fast-growing Muslim population in this country, right here in Tampa Bay, FL… to befriend them, serve them and inform them of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Very simply, The Tampa Muslim Outreach, est. 2013, exists in order to help churches and individual Christians share the love of Christ with Muslims.  Matt and his team work with churches and individuals to provide inspiration, encouragement, training, and coordination.


"God has brought this about because He wants these people in this place because they might find Him.” -Matt Walter


Time Stamps

0:25 – Get to know Tampa Muslim Outreach’s founder, Matt Walter

4:30 – The Great Commission: What it is and why is it important?

11:36 – Matt Walter reveals what led him to embrace Christianity

14:44 – The unexpected answers of God

24:00 – Matt Walter recounts his experience doing missionary work in the Middle East

26:41 – The difference between the terms Islam and Muslim

28:19 – How did Muslims and Christians part ways?

36:51 – Matt Walter on what it is like to go to seminary and diving deep into God’s word

41:10 – The rise of Islam in the United States

46:10 – Why you should distinguish the person from his ideology

48:38 – Matt Walter on sharing the word of God in an unexpected moment

53:42 – Matt Walter shares his 5-10-year plan for Tampa Muslim Outreach

58:42 – The power of trusting God with all your heart

59:25 – Get in touch with Matt Walter and Tampa Muslim Outreach



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