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Strong By Design Podcast

Mar 11, 2020

Our direction in life is directly tied to our decision making (good or bad) and the people we choose to surround ourselves with.

So that begs the question, who do you have in your inner circle and why have you chosen them?

In this very personal story of risk, faith, friendship and love, we discover the heart and strength of entrepreneur and Get Lean After 40 co-founder Ryan Colby.

Ryan shares his rollercoaster journey to success over the past 20 years with SBD host and close friend Mike Westerdal. Get to know this amazing man through his business struggles, finding the love of his life, his taking a massive leap of faith in business with a close friend and most of all his commitment to his faith in God.


"My identity is I'm a successful entrepreneur and that's what I do, I've "made it"...but until eternity you haven't made it." -Ryan Colby


Time Stamps

0:25 – Get to know Ryan Colby

1:34 – How ‘Get Lean After 40’ started 

4:43 – Ryan Colby recounts early business struggles and successes

10:56 – Taking a leap of faith

15:30 – The power of surrounding yourself with the right people

21:40 – Importance of knowing your ‘WHY’

25:00 – Why having a supportive spouse is key to achieving success

31:44 – Building your life on a solid foundation

33:37 – How the highs and lows of life help strengthen Ryan Colby’s relationship with God

38:23 – What is your identity?

40:34 – The importance of giving glory to God

45:31 – Trusting God’s plan for your life

48:27 – Why a change of heart changes everything

54:30 – Key takeaways from the episode

57:24 – Where you can go to connect with Ryan Colby and ‘Get Lean After 40’


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