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Strong By Design Podcast

May 30, 2018

On this episode of Strong By Design, Coach Chris sits down with nutrition and holistic health professional, Tonya Fines. They discuss everything you need to know about carbs. Also, stay tuned to hear Tonya’s top picks for best carbs to eat.


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 “All your little steps add up to huge improvements.”

-Tonya Fines


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Time Stamps:

2:40 Are carbs bad for you?

3:45 Tonya’s top 5 best carbs

5:35 Why do we need carbs

9:25 What should your nutritional intake look like?

14:55 Finding team to do prep

17:18 Are you cutting your carbs but not seeing the scale move?

19:20 Complex carbs vs Simple carbs

21:40 Creating realistic weight loss goals

29:10 Do you love pasta? This is how you can still have it


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