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Strong By Design Podcast

Oct 3, 2018

Are you struggling with weight gain or gaining lean muscle mass? Join us on this episode of the Strong By Design podcast with special guest Alain Gonzalez, the skinny guy transformation specialist. Find out how Alain went from 107 lbs as a full grown adult to a 150 lbs shredded muscle monster! Tune in to hear his top 3 tips on how to gain weight and receive a copy of his FREE book!


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"Everyone is skinny in High School but I was 107 pounds as a full grown adult...I would say I suffered from Extreme Thinness."

-Alain Gonzalez



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Time Stamps:

2:27 Alain’s skinny guy story - 107 lbs as an adult!

7:34 How to gain weight as a skinny guy -Tip #1-2 Tracking how much you need to eat (and actually doing it!)

9:29 How to gain weight as a skinny guy -Tip #3 Increasing your appetite

14:18 Do you find yourself struggling with consistency?

15:10 Find out how to win some FREE Critical Bench Gear

15:14 Alain’s weight and muscle gaining journey

17:50 All about “Bulk Up Fast”

20:40 Get a Free copy of the “Bulk Up Fast” book

22:01 All about Alain’s writing career

24:37 Funny behind the scenes story of the book’s photo shoot



  • TEXT "CORE” to 345-345 for the FREE report
  • Get the FREE book Bulk Up Fast


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