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Strong By Design Podcast

Jul 25, 2018

Is yoga really just for chicks? Well, according to Marine Corps vet, Zach Zenios, if you haven’t tried it you're denying a part of yourself.  In our culture men want to be the alpha male, they want to be aggressive. And yes, there's a place for that. But if you don't do anything to balance that out it causes problems and yoga is a great opportunity to balance out your masculinity and to just improve all aspects of your life. Tune in to find out how the Critical Bench crew has worked yoga into their lives.


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"The way I see it, a true man is a man who can do yoga without fear of his identity as a man being threatened. "

-Zach Zenios



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Time Stamps:

4:26 The story behind the Marine Corps Vet turned yoga instructor

12:52 Dealing with aggression and hyper-masculine environments

18:25 Find out how to win FREE Critical Bench gear

19:07 How to meditate

27:32 All about the Critical Bench guy’s personal yoga sessions

30:35 Athletic Yoga: Breathing into your discomfort

34:52 Yoga is not just for women!

45:49 The benefits of yoga for athletes

47:44 Becoming mindful of your breathing




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