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Strong By Design Podcast

Jul 11, 2018

On today’s episode of Strong By Design, Coach Chris sits down with a fellow brother in the Lord and Kill Mode Founder, Dan Long. In this episode, Dan gets personal and shares some of the most difficult times in his life. Tune in to hear how despite his trials and tribulations, Dan was able to go all in and reap his reward.


“Believe in you. Give everything you got. Be all in.”

-Dan Long



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Time Stamps:

4:42 Dealing with divorce as a child

6:12 Dan’s emotional spiral when dealing with his spouse’s unfaithfulness

9:30 Details of Dan’s second marriage

11:05 Medical complications with the birth of Dan’s children

15:34 Finding out your spouse is cheating and on drugs

17:00 Dan’s fight for custody of the children

19:00 How Dan learned to lean on God

28:12 How God placed Dan’s current wife in his life

32:22 Going all-in on the fitness industry



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