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Strong By Design Podcast

Nov 7, 2018

Today on Strong By Design Podcast Mike Westerdal joins Coach Chris to give us his 7 best tips on how to increase your bench. He dives deep on all things bench press and lays down a solid foundation for you to increase your strength.  They also share some of their personal history together and how Critical Bench was formed.


"I think my best competition lift was a 630-lb bench press, I had some awesome mentors and coaches at that gym (Tampa Barbell) that taught me a lot."


-Mike Westerdal


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Time Stamps:
01:32 The history behind Critical Bench
08:29 Tip # 1 Elbow positioning
12:02 Tip # 2 Decreasing the range of motion
15:14 Tip # 3 Breathing for strength
19:17 Tip # 4  Rep ranges for strength
23:04 Tip # 5 Training Partners
26:35 Tip # 5 Muscle activation
31:25 Tip # 6 Using your legs
33:27 Tip # 7 Frequency
38:08 Why it's important to have a good foundation



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