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Strong By Design Podcast

Nov 28, 2018

Do you pay enough attention to your glutes? Do you know that aside from aesthetic purposes, developing your glutes has many benefits? That’s what Coach Chris and Coach Brian talk about on today’s episode of Strong By Design. They tackle the three training barriers that prevent people from developing their glutes and the benefits of having a strong butt.  Stay tuned to find out some amazing exercises that you can do to activate your glute muscles.


"How to do the most amount of work in the least amount of time? … Short, fast, intense workouts are valid, they get to the point, they get the job done."

-Coach Brian Klepacki


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Time Stamps:

04:30 The first ‘myth’ glute development barrier

10:40 Examples of exercises to develop your glutes

12:15 The second ‘biggest’ glute development barrier

14:50 What bodyweight training can do to your glutes

19:30 The third ‘harmful’ glute development barrier

23:35 A simple exercise to activate your glute muscles

27:08 How to create your own workout routine

29:20 Three tips if you want to change your body

33:50 The benefits of having a strong glutes



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