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Strong By Design Podcast

May 29, 2019

Men, the ‘Real Reason’ you’re getting fatter, struggling to build muscle, constantly tired and you can’t get aroused.

By the time you hit 35, your testosterone production naturally drops by 25%.

Coach Chris Wilson and Tonya Fines share the mic in today’s episode to speak openly, honestly and passionately about how men can naturally boost T levels.

The 24-Hour Testosterone Fix is a blueprint for men at any age to begin fixing their broken T levels. Whether it’s a lack of sleep, over consumption of processed foods or drinking down energy drinks just to feel awake…. men have more control than they think to begin optimizing their natural testosterone production.

Find out ways to have more energy, slow down the aging process, increase sex drive and boost those T-levels just by changing your lifestyle.


“In your 30's or 40's you might still have plenty of that natural testosterone in your body but because of your diet, because of your lifestyle you might be actually elevating those estrogen levels..."

“You can fix YOU! Your body is an amazing creation and if you treat it the right way, you can overcome a lot of things."

-Chris Wilson


Time Stamps

2:00 Coach Chris gets blood work done to figure out his Testosterone Level

4:45 Lifestyle impacting your hormones

11:00 Testosterone declination by age

14:30 Optimizing your testosterone / hormones

17:00 Increase in estrogen and impact on men

20:17 Dealing with Low T, ways to cope and TRT

22:20 You are in control of resetting and boosting Testosterone naturally

23:58 Coach Tonya’s perspective on the 24-Hour Testosterone Fix

26:00 Sleep and hormone function

27:09 The Risks & Benefits of Testosterone

28:35 That “old” guy with High Testosterone

30:00 Men taking the power back with 24-Hr T Fix

32:10 Learning how to be powerful from nature

34:00 Talking to the women in your life about Low T and getting your ‘mojo’ back

36:20 Bullet points from the 24-Hour Testosterone Fix

37:33 Men, go get Checked Out! Get your blood work done.


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