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Strong By Design Podcast

Jul 26, 2023


His name is Nick "The EMF Guy" Pineault. 
Nick is an advocate for safe technologies. He stumbled onto the dangers of electro-pollution ("EMFs") emitted by wireless technologies several years ago and at first Nick thought this entire issue sounded a bit "tin foil", or hokey” as some might say... until...

Jul 19, 2023


On today’s show, Coach Tonya sits down to talk with Angie Prchlik of Oasis IV Therapy.  IV therapy has emerged as one of the most effective and popular treatments in Tampa, providing various health benefits for residents seeking better health and wellness.  

Oasis IV Therapy is an excellent option for those...

Jul 12, 2023

NOT your typical Strong By Design podcast episode.

Do you ever question the world as you see it? Have you ever been skeptical about past events that are widely considered fact? Conspiracy theories have been circulating for decades about the big and small things in life.

Today on the show we feature for the...

Jul 5, 2023

When drinking alcohol goes from occasional happy hours with friends and co-workers to necessary regimented daily practice. 

If you require booze to function with the pressures and anxieties of life (or know someone who does) then this episode is a MUST listen. This is a sobering discussion about the darkness...