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Strong By Design Podcast

May 31, 2023


Connecting to God and to Jesus through the Holy Spirit requires an understanding of what the Holy Trinity is… 

Pastor Mike Ash from Grace Family Church visits the Strong By Design podcast to talk with co-host Jared Haley about his encounters with the Holy Spirit and relationship to God. 

Our Christian faith...

May 24, 2023


Mary-Jane Rickles has spent her career as a champion for those in need in the Tampa Bay Area.  Mary-Jane began working for LifeLink as an advocate for organ donation and played a key role in helping to save the lives of many people who were waiting for life-saving organ transplants. 

Mary-Jane has brought her...

May 17, 2023

What are you focusing on?  Is it supporting or getting in the way of what you want to achieve?

Today Coach Tonya sits down with Fabricio Zambrano, or as many of us here in Tampa know him … Fab the Vegan.  Several years ago, Fabricio was in terrible health and knew that if he didn’t do something to improve his...

May 10, 2023


Lead with the heart of a Servant, serve with the heart of a king. 

How are you showing up for others in this life? 

In this solo episode, coach Chris Wilson goes deep on defining what true service looks like and the many characteristics we must pursue to attain a servant mindset. Service is one of the 7 core...

May 3, 2023

Sometimes old college buddies turn out to be super smart and successful. 

Co-host Jared Haley has his old friend Dr. William (Bill) Roach on the Strong By Design podcast show to discuss talking about and defending the Christian faith. 

Unfortunately, many who claim to be Christians have trouble discussing...