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Strong By Design Podcast

Oct 26, 2022

Brant Hansen’s book Unoffendable, is the inspiration for this powerful conversation today on Strong By Design featuring hosts Jared Haley and Mike Westerdal.

Utilizing his ability to write engaging and humorous stories, Hansen introduces and develops the ideology of becoming a person who is not easily offended. We...

Oct 19, 2022


Most of us take for granted how many steps we take in a day. How about in a month, a year or even a lifetime… 

For a moderately active adult, that’s 3,650,000 steps in a year or 36.5 million steps in a decade! 

Our amazing feet are what connect us to the earth and carry the full weight of our body every day...

Oct 12, 2022


The message we are so used to hearing is, “Don’t make this mistake like I did…” or “Listen to me because I messed up big time…” and so on. 

But what about the person who stood their ground (even from an early age in school) and can speak from experience about making good decisions and the outcomes of...

Oct 5, 2022

When you think of a pride of lions, what comes to mind? 

The lionesses do everything, right!? They do most of the hunting and caring for the cubs. So, what about the lions? 

Even though it appears that the male lion is lazy, eats much of the food and does not earn his keep, something else is going on entirely. He...

Oct 1, 2022


Continuing the conversation with our guest today on SBD, Troy Ericson, hosted by Mike Westerdal. 

Find out in Part 2 how much value Troy puts on focus and its impact on business success. Troy and Mike also discuss why thinking big and surrounding yourself with BIG thinkers is the key to growth in any industry.