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Strong By Design Podcast

Jul 18, 2018

On today’s episode of Strong By Design, we are joined by a special guest, Joel Marion. Joel is the co-founder of supplement conglomerate  BioTrust. In this 2 part series, Joel shares his amazing story of trials and triumphs that eventually lead him to the multi-millionaire he is today.


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“If I didn’t push through all those failures in the magazine industry and the book project, I would just be a teacher writing articles on the side.”

-Joel Marion



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Time Stamps:

5:07 How Joel found his love for fitness

9:19 Joel’s early days as a writer for magazines

12:14 The struggles Joel faced when wanting to write his first book

15:04 Joel’s big break for his book project

21:40 How to win FREE Critical Bench gear

22:07 How Joel got into online marketing

28:00 Going “all in” on online marketing

29:14 Joel Marion, “the fitness industry launch guy”




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