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Strong By Design Podcast

Dec 11, 2019

If you could plan and live the ideal day and change your future, would you?

Never mind a trip to Bora-Bora, celebrity date or driving a Ferrari… think much bigger.

Living a life of purpose, meaning and impact is much easier than you might think. With some laser focus on the mind, body and spirit, it’s very possible...

Dec 4, 2019

Ever lost your balance and fallen?

Silly question, of course you have. But preventing a fall could be a lifesaver, especially as you age.

One of the most overlooked elements of health and fitness is balance and the ONLY way to great balance is through purposeful daily movement.

Movement is the key to living a fuller,...

Nov 27, 2019

You ARE what you eat, especially around the holiday season!

All of those amazing high calorie foods, tasty desserts and specialty drinks surround us from Halloween through the New Year… how in the world can we remain disciplined??

The trick to maintaining your hard-fought physique is actually MUCH simpler than you...

Nov 20, 2019

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people will fail on any diet or weight loss program! It is virtually impossible to get results working on your own. Even the best athletes in the world have coaches to help improve and perfect their best.

Transformation is a mindset shift. You must eliminate the story that is holding you...

Nov 13, 2019

Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean having to give up all the things you love.  A healthy lifestyle is about balance and being able to incorporate all the things you enjoy while still hitting and maintaining your goals.

Alcohol can be a pretty big part of social events and for many of us, being able to enjoy a...